The Mississippi Board of Nursing is a consumer agency with authority to regulate the practice of nursing.


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 MSBN Information

LPN Late Renewal 2 February 1-June 30, 2018
Click on Nurse Gateway to renew
Renewal fee is $250.00 and criminal background check is required fee is $75.00 
Meeting Notice
Notice of Proposed Rules & Regulations:  The following MS Board of Nursing Proposed Rules & Regulations have been posted to the Secretary of State’s Administrative Bulletin for public comment:
Title 30 Part 2801 - Forward                                                (Administrative Bulletin System No. 22700)​
Title 30 Part 2810 - Examinations & Licensure                 (Administrative Bulletin System No. 22703)
Title 30 Part 2815 - Continuing Education Reqmts          (Administrative Bulletin System No. 22701)        
Title 30 Part 2820 - Disciplinary Action                              (Administrative Bulletin System No. 22702)
Title 30 Part 2870-Definitions                                              (Administrative Bulletin System No.22805) 
The Administrative Bulletin may be found at the MS Secretary of State’s Website.  The MS Board of Nursing is located in TITLE 30.  A general “Agency Search” will yield ALL proposed Rules & Regulations.
NOTICE OF RULE CHANGE:  The Mississippi Board of Nursing has submitted a Final Rule Adoption (Part 2840:  Advanced Practice) to the Mississippi Secretary of State.  The Final Rule can be located on Mississippi Secretary of State's Administrative Bullen​, System No. 22833.
Under normal operation of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), the effective date of the newly adopted Part 2840 - Advanced Practice is July 29, 2017. 
However, please be aware that the Board is likely subject to the oversight of the newly created Occupational Licensing Review Commission (OLRC).  Consequently, the OLRC may declare the amendments contained in Part 2840 – Advanced Practice are subject to the Commission’s review, thereby modifying the timeline of effectiveness of Part 2840 - Advanced Practice.
The Mississippi Board of Nursing will keep you apprised of any changes and/or updates regarding the effectiveness of Part 2840 - Advanced Practice.
CLICK HERE to access an “Agency Search” of the Administrative Bulletin.


Texas Disaster Voluntary Registry

Nurses wishing to volunteer may register with the Texas Department of State Health Services Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry at: Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry

The BON is not soliciting volunteers. If individuals or employers are seeking to bring in nurses from other non-Compact states, we will expedite temporary licenses by endorsement applications. Nurses from Compact states with current multistate compact licenses need not apply and may come to Texas to practice without application.(

Notice is posted on our website

We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you have for the hurricane victims, first responders and health care providers. These are stressful times in communities along the gulf. ​