License Verification

The Mississippi Board of Nursing provides the following options for individuals attempting to verify a Mississippi nursing license. The Board's online license verification system is considered the primary source for verification of Mississippi nursing licenses.

1. Online Verification System. You may search for nursing licensure information by a combination of Social Security number along with license number or last Name. The licensure information is computer-generated, updated at the end of each business day, and will reflect on the website the following day.

You do not have to be a subscriber to verify a license. There is no fee for Level 1 information (name, license number, level of licensure, disciplinary status, expiration, and original issue dates). Additional licensure information (i.e., original issue code, APRN practice sites, and disciplinary details) can be obtained for a fee of $20.00, plus a small online processing fee by the state, which is usually approximately $2.00. 

2. We do NOT accept verifications by mail if the Board participates in NURSYS. If a Board Participates in NURSYS all verification request should be made through NURSYS. Submit your verification request online at, and pay by credit card for the verification service. ONLY If the state does not participate in NURSYS, mail the notarized Verification of original license form to 713 Pear Orchard Road, Suite 300, Ridgeland, MS 39157.

3. Employers seeking verification of license must use the Online Verification System as the primary source of verification. If additional information is needed as denoted above in item 1, an additional fee of $20.00 is required. The Board's online license verification system is considered the primary source of verification of Mississippi Nursing licenses.