The compliance division is the Board’s monitoring program that manages licensees who have received disciplinary and non-disciplinary actions as requirements as set out by the Final Order of the Board.  The compliance division closely monitors the licensee’s progress in completing Board requirements.  Once all requirements have been met, the licensee shall be eligible to have all stipulations removed from his/her license and/or privilege to practice.  All noncompliance actions may be reportable and are considered public information.  

The Mississippi Alternative Program (MAP) is a program under the compliance division to identify and to assist nurses registered and licensed by the Board whose capacity to practice nursing with reasonable skill and safety to patients has been, or may potentially be, compromised by substance abuse or other physical or mental conditions; to enlist the voluntary participation of such nurses in effective rehabilitative medical treatment and ongoing aftercare and monitoring; and to allow for the deferral of formal investigation and administrative prosecution of such nurses under the Mississippi Nurse Practice Act.

The licensee has admitted to having abused a substance(s) and has agreed to submit to a medical and/or psychiatric evaluation as approved by the Board and, if such evaluation confirms a diagnosis of substance abuse or other condition, to voluntarily submit to a course of treatment and to participate in MAP in accordance with the understandings, terms and conditions expressed in the MAP agreement.