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Mississippi Board of Nursing

713 Pear Orchard Road, Plaza II
Suite 300
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Telephone: 601- 957-6300
Fax: 601- 957-6301

Practice Question Submission
Practice questions must be submitted in writing. All responses will be returned in writing. You must provide a valid return fax number or email address. You may fax your inquiry to 601-957-6301 or send U. S. mail to 713 Pear Orchard Road, Suite 300, Ridgeland, MS 39157. Please indicate if it is an APRN, RN, or LPN practice question on your cover sheet.



Phyllis Johnson, Executive Director, 601-957-6289,

Vanessa Gray, Executive Assistant, 601-957-6260,



Shan Montgomery, Chief of Staff ,601-957-6279, 

Denise Stewart,Document Management Specialist,601-957-6280,

Receptionist, 601-957-6300,


Legal and Compliance Division

Brett Thompson May, General Counsel, 601-957-6269,

Westley Mutziger, Attorney, 601-957-6275,

Rochelle Ward, Paralegal Specialist, 601-957-6270,

Charla Blackwell, Compliance Nurse, 601-957-6263, 

Vera Rucker, Compliance Investigator, 601-957-6277,

Marianne Wynn, Compliance Officer, 601-957-6287,


Criminal Background Checks and Investigations Division

Dwayne Jamison, Director, 601-957-9316,

Frances Teague Administrative Assistant, 601-957-6315, 

Chaquinda Shellman, Administrative Assistant 601-957-6309,

Jequetta Davis, Nurse Investigator, 601-957-6303,

Hoshina Jones, Investigator, 601-957-6271,

Vaughn Gresham, Investigator, 601-957-6273,

Karon James, Investigator, 601-957-6267,

Tywanda Jones, Investigator, 601-957-6292,

Velma Davis, Administration Assistant lll, 601-957-6274,

Sherese Redmond, Security/Investigator, 601-957-6288,


Advanced Practice and Licensure

Tina Highfill, Director, 601-957-6259, 

Floyd Wiley, APRN Investigator, 601-957-6272,

Stephanie Morris, APRN Licensing Officer, 601-957-6290,

Talisha Greenlaw, Examination Licensing Officer,601-957-6313,

Stephanie Martin, Endorsement Licensing Officer, 601-957-6311,

Alena Williams, Reinstatement Licensing Officer, 601-957-6314,


Office of Nursing Workforce

Ronnie Gregg Taylor, Director, 601-957-6604,