Who May File a Complaint?

Anyone may submit a complaint. Complaints are most commonly received from employers, coworkers or other healthcare professionals, patients or family members, law enforcement and/or other regulatory agencies, and self reports.

What conduct is NOT typically reportable to the Board?

Low risk issues that do not involve patient care, professional judgment or wrongdoing that do not require reporting to the Mississippi Board of Nursing include but are not limited to: rudeness to peers, co-worker disputes, personality conflicts, absenteeism, tardiness, labor-management disputes such as work schedules/wages/wrongful termination, and/or resignation without notice whereby a patient assignment has not been accepted.

How do I file a complaint?

The Board accepts both written and telephonic complaints, although it is preferable that complaints are submitted electronically. 

Complainants should provide as much detail as available, including the name and license number of the nurse involved along with other identifying information such as employer name, date of birth, social security number, last known address, and telephone number. Complainants should summarize the reported incident in detail, including relevant dates, times, locations, patients' names, and the names and contact information of potential witnesses.

The Board accepts anonymous complaints but prefers that complainants provide their names and contact information, as additional information or clarification may be required during the Board's investigation of the complaint.



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