The Mississippi Board of Nursing is paperless. No license or certificates will be mailed. No hard copies are issued.

The Mississippi Board of Nursing provides the following options for individuals attempting to verify a Mississippi nursing license. The Board's online license verification system is considered the primary source for verification of Mississippi nursing licenses.

1. Online Verification System. You may search for nursing licensure information by a combination of Social Security number along with license number or last Name. The licensure information is computer-generated, updated at the end of each business day, and will reflect on the website the following day.  Please do not enter the letter before your license number.  Simply enter the license number only in the designated area.  

2. Employers seeking verification of license must use the Online Verification System as the primary source of verification. If additional information is needed as denoted above in item 1, an additional fee of $20.00 is required. The Board's online license verification system is considered the primary source of verification of Mississippi Nursing licenses.

3. Want license expiration and status updates for your nurses? For yourself?
Institutions: Enroll your entire nurse list and e-Notify will send regular updates of changes to licenses from e-Notify participating boards of nursing.
Nurses: Sign up to receive license expiration reminders and status updates via email or SMS for all your licenses from e-Notlfy participating boards of nursing

4. Need to request verification as a requirement for applying in a new state?
Just tell us which license type, RN and/or LPN/VN, and which state you are applying to. In one simple step Nursys will send that board of nursing all of the verifications from all participating states where you have a record of licensure.