The provisions of the Mississippi Nursing Practice Law do not preclude a licensed practical nurse from working in the school setting if the licensed practical nurse functions within the applicable scope of practice. Situations in which licensed practical nurses are functioning within their scope in the school setting include those in which:

After an RN makes an initial assessment of students, the RN may assign care of these students to a LPN who has been determined by the RN to be appropriately trained, educated and competent. The RN must provide evidence of ongoing assessment of these students and must be available to the LPN at all timesto respond to a change or potential change in condition. This would allow a RN supervisor to float between school settings provided the RN remains available to the LPN at all times.

The LPN working under the direct supervision of a RN who is physically present on the premises at all times the LPN is “on duty”.

The RN must perform the initial assessment of all students. The LPN may not administer medications to a student who has not been assessed by the registered nurse prior to the administration of the medication.