What is Reinstatement?

If you previously held a Mississippi nursing license and your license is now lapsed, you must apply for and have your license reinstated before returning to work as a nurse in this state.

This application should be used to reinstate an Expired Mississippi RN or LPN license. The license period is for two years based upon the renewal cycle of the license.  Renewal begins September 1 through December of each year. LPN renewal is every ODD numbered year and RN renewal is every EVEN numbered year. 


ONLINE APPLICATION                              

Submit the online Reinstatement Application and CBC (criminal background check) registration 


RN/LPN $100.00

CBC $75.00 
Electronic payment via Credit or debit card. All fees are non-refundable 


CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK :Only the fingerprints and CBC performed by the Mississippi Board of Nursing will be accepted.

After submitting the reinstatement application, you will be able to register for your CBC (criminal background check). You can select either to schedule an appointment to be printed at our office or you may request to have a fingerprint card mailed to you. Please contact our office to speak with the CBC department for additional information. 



Your Primary State of Residence (PSOR) is the state of your declared fixed permanent and principal home for legal purposes; domicile. If Mississippi is your primary state of residence and you meet the Uniform Licensure Requirements you will be issued a multistate license. If you do not meet the ULRs and/or Mississippi is not your PSOR you may be issued a single-state license giving privilege to practice in Mississippi only.

If you hold a compact license from another state and have moved to Mississippi, you may continue to practice on your compact license while your reinstatement process is under review.


Click here for more info and participating states


*Please do not submit any supporting documentation prior to completing the online application and submitting payment*


Proof of residency for Reinstatement 

If MS is being declared as your primary state of residency, one of the following is required as proof of your MS residency to be uploaded on the nurse gateway portal;


  • Current MS driver’s license
  • MS voter’s registration
  • Current Federal income tax
  • W2 from US government or any bureau, division or agency thereof indicating MS as declared state of residence
  • Military form number 2058



Click here to login to your nurse gateway. Click on your expired license to start the reinstatement application. 



1.  Successful completion of a Board-approved Reorientation/Refresher Program for RNs or LPNs within the five year period immediately prior to such application for renewal or reinstatement of the nursing license.  The Board may issue a temporary permit to the nurse during the time enrolled in the Reorientation/Refresher Program.

Hinds Community College

Reorientation to Nursing Course

Contact Kimberly Neely (601) 376-4958 or Email: kimberly.neely@hindscc.edu


2. Completion of twenty (20) hours of continuing education, directly related to nursing practice, within the two (2) year period immediately prior to such application for reinstatement of the nursing license.  Acceptable continuing education offerings are those which are currently accredited, and offered by a recognized credentialing agency.


Rule 1.3 Accepted Continuing Education.

A.     Accepted Continuing Education shall be calculated using contact hours.

1.     One (1) contact hour shall equal sixty (60) minutes of Continuing Education instruction.

2.     One (1) academic semester credit hour related to nursing, healthcare, or the advancement of a nursing or healthcare degree shall equal fifteen (15) contact hours.

3.     One (1) academic quarter credit hour related to nursing, healthcare, or the advancement of a nursing or healthcare degree shall equal ten (10) contact hours.

B.     Accepted Continuing Education must be related to nursing and/or healthcare.

C.    Accepted Continuing Education must be provided by:

1.     An accredited nursing and/or healthcare educational institution or

2.     A nationally accredited provider of nursing and/or healthcare continuing education.

D.    Accepted Continuing Education may be completed via the following methods of delivery:

1.     Conventional classroom setting,

2.     On-line courses,

3.     Professional journals,

4.     Correspondence, or

5.     Independent study.

E.     Recommended Topics of Accepted Continuing Education are:

1.     Nursing Ethics,

2.     Patient Safety,

3.     Legal Aspects of Nursing,

4.     Documentation,

5.     Scope of Practice,

6.     Pharmacology, and

7.     Other topics relevant to work setting and area of practice.

F.     Accepted Continuing Education may be repeated; however, credit will only be awarded once per renewed licensure period.

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 73-15-17 (1972, as amended).

3. Successful completion of a minimum of three (3) semester hours of nursing credit offered by a nursing education program within the two (2) year period immediately prior to such application for renewal or reinstatement of the nursing license.  An acceptable nursing program is one approved or accredited by the appropriate agency within the state.  Enrollment arrangements will need to be made by applicants, not the board of Nursing.

Documentation of one (1) of the above options must be submitted with the application for licensure if you have not practiced nursing in the last five (5) years or more.

Appearance on this page represents neither recommendation nor endorsement by the Mississippi Board of Nursing.  The above list of courses is being provided as a service.

License Wallet Cards will not be issued.  To view licensure status and verification access visit www.msbn.ms.gov.  Online License Verification


Criminal Background Check (CBC)

Miss Code Ann. Section § 73-15-19 (1) and 73-15-21 (1) authorizes the Mississippi Board of Nursing (MSBN) to undergo a fingerprint-based criminal background history check of the Mississippi central criminal database and the Federal Bureau of Investigations criminal history database on all applicants for licensure. Please follow the instructions below to complete the criminal background check process

1. Complete and submit an online application before registering for a Criminal Background Check (CBC).   After submitting online application, you will see a criminal background check button just above your list of licenses.  If the button is RED, click it to submit your criminal background check /fingerprint registration.

2. Criminal background check Registration - Complete the online criminal background check registration using the exact name as used on the licensure application. If an applicant name has changed from the name on their photo identification, you must present the necessary legal documents (i.e., marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other legal name change document) as proof at the time of fingerprinting.

3. Fee – Submit the $75.00 fee, including processing fee, at the time of completion of the online criminal background check form by using a credit or debit card bearing the Visa, Discover, American Express or MasterCard logo, or electronic check. Fees are non-refundable.

4. If you answered yes to any of the discipline questions, please allow additional time for the CBC process to be completed because of additional follow-up by board staff.