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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions include educational programs, licensing, and scope of practice.

1. Does the Board regulate and approve nursing programs?

The Board of Nursing is a consumer protection agency with the authority to regulate the practice of nursing through licensure as provided for by the Mississippi Nursing Practice Law. Registered nurse programs are accredited and regulated by the Institutions of Higher Learning ( As of July 1, 2019, the practical nursing programs are accredited by the Mississippi Board of Nursing.

2. Are temporary permits issued for new graduates before a license has been issued?

The Mississippi Board of Nursing does not issue temporary permits for new graduates prior to licensure.

3. What is the scope of practice for the graduate nurse? Can a graduate nurse perform the same functions of a licensed nurse before he/she is actually licensed?

Nursing student graduates who have not received their official license may not assume any nursing duties, other than those duties routinely performed by the nursing assistant.

4. Is a graduate nurse allowed to identify themselves as a licensed nurse (RN or LPN)?

According to the Mississippi Nursing Practice Law, it is unlawful for any person not licensed or holding the privilege to practice or offer to practice as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, and/or to use a sign, card or device to indicate that such person is a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

5. What content should and should not be included during orientation for new graduates?

The Mississippi Board of Nursing does not mandate the content/curriculum for graduate student orientation.

6. How do I apply for licensure in Mississippi if I currently hold an RN or LPN license from another state that is not Compact?

You will need to apply for a Mississippi license by endorsement if you have never held a Mississippi license. If you have held a Mississippi license at some point, you will need to apply by reinstatement. The endorsement and reinstatement applications can be downloaded from the Applications section of the Mississippi Board of Nursing website at The steps for the endorsement and reinstatement processes are outlined in the application.

7. How many days or hours do I need to work in order to maintain an active nursing license?

The Board does not mandate the number of hours or days per year that you must work to maintain an active license. However, if you have not performed nursing in five (5) years or longer you will be required to take a refresher course.

8. What nursing services can be provided if my license is inactive?

Pursuant to the Mississippi Board of Nursing Rules and 30 Miss. Admin. Code, Part 2810, Chapter 4, Rule 4.5, inactive licensure means that you are not engaged in the active practice of nursing but desire to maintain licensure. Any person practicing as an RN or LPN during the time the nurse holds inactive licensure shall be considered to be practicing illegally and shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board.